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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My New Bead Store ZoeAndBruno

I have been a little slack keeping up to date with my blog latterly and haven’t posted as often as I would of liked. But I have been extremely busy with my new bead store! =)

I closed my LoveMissie bead store to open a new one called ZoeAndBruno. I felt a more personal connection with the store name, (named after my little bunny Zoe who passed away last August due to a brain tumor.) So I am very proud to have called my new bead store after her! =)

Since opening my new bead store, I have ordered around $600 worth of Czech glass beads and I have only managed to list half of them so far!
I have also had 14 sales from the date I signed up (13th of April,) so I am very happy with the start of my new business and the response I have had from my lovely new customers! =)

You can visit my new bead store ZoeAndBruno here: