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Friday, February 29, 2008

I've Been Tagged! =)

I've been tagged!
Jenna Appleton... and Bridbird... has tagged me!

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Seven things you may or may not know about me:
1. As a young girl I hated anything remotely girly and yes including jewellery!
It was only when I had a friend who managed to drag me into a chemist (2002) that I finally had my ears pierced.
2. I started my business; well I can’t say when it really my business begin because it’s forever growing, although JewelRee has really began to take off from March last year.
3. My business name was an idea of my brothers. He combined my passion for jewellery (Jewel) and my nickname name (Ree, short for Rhiannon) together to create JewelRee! =)
4. I exchanged contracts to buy a house on Tuesday, pending the results of building and pest inspections.
5. My dad named me Rhiannon after the Fleetwood Mac song, ‘Rhiannon.’ And know I’m not a witch! :P
6. I have a little cat named Tiga. She was thrown out of a car window at just 5 weeks old and she managed to find her way to our family’s front door. I can’t imagine my life without her now!
7. My hero, my inspiraion will always be my pa who died of a brain tumor almost 8.5 years ago now. He was a perfectionist in everything I did. He wasn’t the average perfectionist. He would build furniture to such perfection; it was hard to believe a lot of what he made was humanly possible. He even wrote down notes of what he purchased each day, and where he purchased the item and for how much.
He was such a patient person and always had a positive way of looking at things right up until his near death even if he wasn’t convincing himself. So although I will never have the patience he did nor the skills, I hope I can aim to be something like he would of hoped for me to be! =)

I will tag....

- Ree

Monday, February 11, 2008

100 Sales On Etsy! =)

I have reached over 100 sales on Etsy today!

Thank you to all of my customers who have purchased from me in the last year! It means a lot to me to know that I can send my jewellery all over the world and have wonderful customers who enjoy each piece! =)

- Ree

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Busy Start To The Year...

Two of my new year’s resolutions this year were to, start a blog and write down goals I would like to achieve within each month. My goals for January are the following:

- Create a new jewellery range.
- Photograph and list some new jewellery pieces on Etsy.
- Contact a local shop (I have one in mind) and ask to show them my
jewellery range.
- Blog twice.

And because I am a bit of a procrastinator, I need to start being a little more organized (Which is why I have started cleaning and putting things back in their organized homes!)

So to stay organized I think it’s important for me to list each day (Monday - Friday the essentials and assign each task I must complete. Already this seems to be working!

I also have long term goals which aren’t necessarily over the course of 2008, but are longer term (a couple of years maybe.) So far there is only two and they are:

- To live off JewelRee and LoveMissie
(LoveMissie? You’ll find out below.)
- Reach 200 sales on Etsy, (Currently at 98 sales…yay!)
It’s a big goal but I am only 102 sales away! :P

Another reason I have been so busy the last few weeks is, I have started a new bead supply shop on Etsy called LoveMissie. I had a bit of bad luck when I order my first lot of beads, (postage was $200 from the US and some of the beads weren’t the greatest quality I was expecting.) However, I have found an old wholesaler I found sometime ago and I am very excited to be hopefully purchasing from them at the start of February.
So hopefully with the goals I am setting for myself each day/month I will manage to get loads more completed.
I am already seeing lots of progress! :)

- Ree

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My First Blog Entry! =)

I wanted to begin 2008 with a new blog for my JewelRee business...

Right now, you are probably thinking, isn’t JewelRee spelt incorrectly? Well not in this case! My jewellery business is called ‘JewelRee,’ a creative name my brother came up with. Jewel because of my passion for jewelry, and Ree because my name is Rhiannon, Ree for short.

Keep returning to see new pieces before they arrive in my Etsy store, my work area and maybe some crazy odd photos of my self and the surroundings around me! :)
To finish this post I would love to show you some photos of my work station!

- Ree